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Working with temporary edge protection and man anchors

| Cat: Edge protection, Man anchor

A recent HSE prosecution has highlighted the importance of temporary edge protection – and where guardrails are removed, the need for backup alternatives like man anchors. In the incident in question, a scaffolder was stacking roofing sheets on a flat roof when he fell from the edge, landing seven metres below and sustaining fatal injuries. […]


Superior rubble chutes can take a ton

| Cat: Rubbish Chutes

Construction site rubble chutes have a lot to deal with – more than domestic rubbish chutes typically have to handle, for sure. Whereas residential rubbish disposal chutes might not normally take more than the contents of a kitchen bin, construction site rubble chutes may have to safely transport broken masonry, chunks of concrete and other […]

Red Assembled on site

Stay safe with building site rubbish chute accessories

| Cat: Rubbish Chutes

Building site rubbish chute accessories can help to make your construction waste chute even more convenient to use, and can also help to ensure site safety. A construction waste chute alone is already a step towards a safer building site, providing a visible and contained way for unwanted materials to be dropped into a skip […]

New Evorail Standard

Edge protection still essential as workplace fatalities creep higher

| Cat: Edge protection

Newly published figures from the Health & Safety Executive show that workplace fatalities have crept higher in recent months, highlighting the importance of precautions such as edge protection to prevent falls from height. Falls from height are still one of the main priorities for the HSE, alongside issues like exposure to asbestos, and are not […]

Six Leg Mobile Man Anchor

Man anchor may have prevented seven metre fall

| Cat: Mobile Man Anchors

A telecoms engineer fell seven metres after losing his balance, in an incident that may have been avoided through the use of a man anchor as a form of fall protection. The engineer was working for BT in a residential block of flats in Tower Hamlets, when he stumbled and fell through the ceiling of […]

Collapsible (Lowered)

Safety ladders protect workers on incomplete structures

| Cat: Safety Ladders

An incident in which a window fitter suffered broken ribs and a broken thumb is a reminder of the importance of safety ladders so workers can reach upper levels without unnecessary risk. In this case, reported by the HSE following a successful prosecution, the windows that were due to be installed were being carried up […]


Lack of edge protection leads to 5m fall

| Cat: Edge protection

An absence of edge protection on a flat roof led to a sign-fitter falling five metres and sustaining serious, life-threatening injuries in an incident in Sheffield. On April 13th 2015 a signage company was contracted to install a large sign on the end wall of industrial premises, which were located alongside a flat-roofed building. A […]


HSE reports on construction site ‘man trap’ with no guardrails

| Cat: Guardrails

We often report about the risks of working at height, and especially on roofs, where a lack of guardrails can lead to falls from the edge, while fragile skylights can also give way underfoot. But you might not expect to face a substantial fall risk when stepping through the front door of a property under […]

Lotus Walkway and Fall Protection Panels-3

Man anchors and walkovers could have prevented splashdown

| Cat: Man anchor

A dramatic incident in which a man fell through a fragile skylight into a swimming pool below might have been avoided if man anchors and walkovers had been used correctly while work was carried out to install solar panels on the roof. The roof, on a private residence outbuilding in Kent, already had solar panels […]

Poole - Stainless Steel

Roofing contractor fined for absent guardrails

| Cat: AKM, Guardrails

An absence of fall prevention measures such as guardrails, man anchors and edge protection has led to a £1,200 fine with over £1,000 in costs for a Bedford-based roofing contractor. The defendant was served with a Prohibition Notice after he was seen working on reroofing a motor company’s premises in Bedford’s Manton Lane, without any […]