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Lack of edge protection leads to 5m fall

| Cat: Edge protection

An absence of edge protection on a flat roof led to a sign-fitter falling five metres and sustaining serious, life-threatening injuries in an incident in Sheffield. On April 13th 2015 a signage company was contracted to install a large sign on the end wall of industrial premises, which were located alongside a flat-roofed building. A […]


HSE reports on construction site ‘man trap’ with no guardrails

| Cat: Guardrails

We often report about the risks of working at height, and especially on roofs, where a lack of guardrails can lead to falls from the edge, while fragile skylights can also give way underfoot. But you might not expect to face a substantial fall risk when stepping through the front door of a property under […]

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Man anchors and walkovers could have prevented splashdown

| Cat: Man anchor

A dramatic incident in which a man fell through a fragile skylight into a swimming pool below might have been avoided if man anchors and walkovers had been used correctly while work was carried out to install solar panels on the roof. The roof, on a private residence outbuilding in Kent, already had solar panels […]

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Roofing contractor fined for absent guardrails

| Cat: AKM, Guardrails

An absence of fall prevention measures such as guardrails, man anchors and edge protection has led to a £1,200 fine with over £1,000 in costs for a Bedford-based roofing contractor. The defendant was served with a Prohibition Notice after he was seen working on reroofing a motor company’s premises in Bedford’s Manton Lane, without any […]

Walkway with Fall Protection

Walkovers Tackle Single Greatest Cause Of Fall From Height Fatalities

| Cat: Walkovers

Walkovers can act as demarcation systems to indicate the safe route over a roof – particularly one where certain areas of the roof surface are especially fragile. According to the HSE following a recent prosecution, falls through roofs – either through skylights or through fragile materials like asbestos cement – account for more fatalities than […]

Mobile Man Anchor

Guardrails and man anchors ‘could easily have prevented fall’

| Cat: Guardrails

The HSE has urged construction companies to make sure they use guardrails and man anchors to protect all workers who need access to partially constructed scaffolds, following one avoidable incident in early 2015. On February 23rd, a 39-year-old man was dismantling the second lift of a scaffold at a site in East Anglia, on a […]

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Double fall demonstrates two crucial edge protection uses

| Cat: Edge protection

A combination of falls led to the death of one man and serious injuries to another, in a case that demonstrates two of the vital applications of edge protection. The deceased, John Altoft, was part of a team working to install scaffolding on the inside of a tower at a cement works in Rugby; he […]

Rubble Chute

Builder charged for lack of rubbish chutes and edge protection

| Cat: Rubbish Chutes

The director of a Coalville construction company has been sentenced for failing to use edge protection when working on a fifth-storey project, as well as simply throwing sacks of rubble from the fifth-floor window instead of using rubbish chutes or safely carrying the sacks to ground. When the incident occurred, on October 2nd 2014, it […]

Hooped Ladder

Safety ladders contribute towards two fifths of access equipment market

| Cat: Safety Ladders

Safety ladders are one part of a category that constitutes 40% of the UK access equipment market, according to a report from AMA Research. The publication, entitled Access Equipment Market Report – UK 2014-2018 Analysis, was published recently, and AMA Research summarised its key findings in a blog post. Among them is the fact that […]


‘Mind the gap’ when erecting edge protection

| Cat: Edge protection

There are many different methods of edge protection, from guardrails and demarcation systems to man anchors and temporary roof rails. One recent HSE case demonstrates the importance of making sure, whatever you choose, there is no exposed gap left between the roof edge and the edge protection itself. In the incident, a 63-year-old roofer was […]