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Edge protection – how low can you go?

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For example, it’s fairly obvious that a property inland is likely to be much higher above sea level than one near the coast. But it might not always occur to contractors to install edge protection around excavations, such as when digging out a new basement. When you dig down one storey, it’s effectively the same […]

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HSE incidents put safety ladders and edge protection on agenda

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A trio of HSE incident reports since the start of April have highlighted the need for edge protection to protect passers-by, and safety ladders to provide safe access to elevated positions. In terms of safety ladders, two incidents involved workers falling from ladders; in the first, a Stockport man was installing an alarm system when […]


AKM join list of BS EN 1090 compliant companies

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AKM Fabrications are proud to join the list of BS EN 1090 compliant companies, as we have achieved compliance under the BS EN 1090-2: 2008 Standard. This was published at the very end of 2008, on December 31st, and will ultimately replace other British Standards including BS 5950-2, BS 5400-6 and some parts of BS […]

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Aluminium ladders and walkways can help make work safer

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If you need to work at height, the correct aluminium ladders and aluminium walkways can create a platform that does not leave you at risk of overbalancing or falling. Aluminium walkways have lots of applications, from acting as walkovers on fragile roofs, to creating a level surface on pitched and other uneven roofs. Meanwhile, aluminium […]

Top Fix on Composite Roof with Toeboard

Construction site weather reports can help plan edge protection

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A new Met Office forecasting service could help to determine the need for edge protection on construction sites, both during the building work itself, and as a permanent fixture on the finished structure. Launched earlier this month, the forecasts cover 3,600 individual locations, and give details across up to 16 weather parameters, with wind singled […]

Walkway with Fall Protection

Man anchors and walkovers may have prevented warehouse fall

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A nine metre fall ended in fatality for one Lancashire builder, but man anchors and walkovers could have helped to prevent him from breaking through a fragile warehouse roof. In July 2012, the 39-year-old Fleetwood man was helping to clear debris that had been blocking the gutters on the roof of a toy distributor’s warehouse. […]

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Fatality follows lack of edge protection and safety ladders

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A roofing company has been fined £10,000 with nearly £5,000 costs for failing to install edge protection, safety ladders or walkovers on a site that ultimately led to a fatality. In June 2011, on the Earlstrees Industrial Estate in Corby, a 46-year-old worker fell through a fragile roof while replacing a rooflight, fracturing his skull […]

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Walkovers and edge protection could have prevented 6m fall

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A man who fell six metres through a fragile skylight could have escaped injury if the site on which he was working had been properly protected with edge protection and walkovers. Przemyslaw Borkiewicz of Mutley, Plymouth, was working on a garage in Saltash on December 12th 2012 without adequate safety equipment. He had no man […]

edge protection

Roofer fined for endangering sons with lack of edge protection

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The HSE continues to report on cases where a complete lack of edge protection was seen to be putting roofers at risk – and in the latest incident, the culprit had put his two sons in danger through a lack of such safety precautions. It relates to work carried out in Wednesfield in February 2013, […]

Man anchors

Inadequate man anchors land Suffolk firm in court

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A Suffolk building company landed in court recently for failing to use proper man anchors and other fall protection while dismantling a roof some four metres from the ground on an Essex farm building. HSE investigators found incorrectly used man anchors and inertia reels, along with inadequately installed safety netting or a total absence of […]