Case Studies

Cullompton Library, Devon


When NPS Group Architects of Devon contacted us early in 2011 they had two issues needing a resolution to enable the fitting of safety guardrail onto the roof of the new library in Cullompton, Devon. First they needed guardrail which wouldn’t be visible when not in use. This was an easy solution for us here at Evo Safety Solutions……simply use our Evorail Collapsible system.

However, the second issue was that the roof was covered in solar panels which left little space to fit the cantilever weights needed for freestanding guardrail. We solved this problem by designing a bespoke new system using bi-fold upright posts which allowed the guardrail to collapse well within the 1 metre depth available.

We worked closely with the appointed building contractors, Pearce Construction of Barnstable. A mobile crane was on site to receive the delivery of the new Evorail Bi-Fold Collapsible system and the system was fully installed in 2 days during June 2011.