Air-Con Stands

Our latest design of Air – Conditioning Stands are much easier to produce and therefore far more competitively priced than before. We have done away with adjustable threaded feet and replaced with levelling shims which are fitted on installation to compensate for any rise and fall in the roof surface.

We supply custom made frameworks to support large Air Handling Units as well as small standalone frames for standard size condensers.

Our ready made stands are available in 1200mm x 1200mm or 1200mm x 600mm frames and extension units can be added for multiple unit installations.

The 1200mm span has a safe span distribution load of 3.2KN and a point load of 1.6KN.


  • Highly Competitive Price
  • Quick and simple to assemble at installation
  • Available in Galvanised or Powder Coated to any RAL
  • Feet can be removed and re-positioned for any roof maintenance

Custom Made Frames

Custom Made Frames

Our Custom Made Frames are designed in-house to suit the required frame size and loading. They are easily assembled on-site in minutes and provide a cost effective solution to siting Air Handling Units onto roof substrate.

Single Unit Stand

Single Unit Air-Con Stand

We supply standalone, Single Unit Stands to accommodate 1200mm x 600mm Air-Conditioning Units or double mount 1200mm x 1200mm units. Our stands are quick and simple to install and extremely competitively priced.

Extension Stand

Air-Con Stands Extensions

Our Extension Stands are designed to save our customers even more. By adding these units to our existing Single Unit Stands the installation can accommodate multiple Air-Con Units.

Air Conditioning Stand Assembly

To see how easy our air-con stands are easy to assemble please see our product demonstration video below.