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Aluminium walkways can provide foot access to green roofs

Aluminium walkways

Newly updated government guidance on green roofs and walls – and particularly on fire safety within  such structures – offers an indication of how aluminium walkways can be useful where foot traffic will be required to pass over the roof surface.

Fire Performance of Green Roofs and Walls, published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, explains that fire breaks should be included at intervals across the roof surface, should be free from vegetation, and should be at least 500mm wide.

However, non-vegetated areas of that size or larger might be a useful addition when complete with aluminium walkways to allow foot access to different parts of the roof, without having to tread directly on the areas of vegetation.

“The use of non-vegetated border zones is recommended … to provide maintenance access, especially for green roofs consisting of vegetation which is not intended to support foot traffic,” the guide explains.

The guidance is a useful reminder of how walkovers can bring multiple benefits to raised surfaces – keeping foot traffic on the stronger parts of the roof, preventing damage to the vegetation, and adding a fire break to the green roof too.