Side Hopper Rubbish Chutes

Our side hopper chutes are used at intermediate floor levels to provide access to the chute system. They also feature a wide opening to protect against falling debris.

They are available in the following sizes:

20″ Rubbish Chute (Side Hopper)
Dimensions: Top 20″ (500 mm),Bottom 16″ (400 mm), Height 44″ (1100 mm)

22″ Rubbish Chute (Side Hopper)
Dimensions: Top 22″ (560 mm),Bottom 20″ (500 mm), Height 48″ (1200 mm)

30″ Rubbish Chute (Side Hopper)
Dimensions: Top 30″ (760 mm),Bottom 28″ (700 mm), Height 48″ (1200 mm)

We also manufacture a full range of accessories for our rubbish chute to assist in the easy installation of the complete system. Including bespoke reinforced “Y” sections, support frames and winch units with spreader bars.

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