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Cable trays cater for future IT investments

Cable Trays

Cable trays are the perfect way to future-proof IT installations, by ensuring more cables can be added as networks grow.
Some networks use closed pipes or tubes to carry cables around premises – but these can be difficult to access when more wires need to be added.
With cable trays, the new infrastructure can simply be laid alongside the old, with no access issues that must be addressed.
For companies planning to upgrade their IT systems in 2012 – and Gartner expects a nearly 4% increase in spending on such projects – future-proofing the new network is a good way to make sure costs don’t spiral in the years to come.
Think, for example, of your broadband connection. Whereas you may currently use ordinary network wires to connect multiple computers to your server, fibre optics are quickly becoming the norm.
With cable trays, when the time comes, you can simply lift out the network cables and lay fibre optics in their place – protecting the delicate fibres without having to break open pipes or shell out for new protective casings.
And of course, whatever wires you need to protect, cable trays ensure that they are shielded from untrained employees working in the same area.