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Cable trays keep wiring in one piece

Cable Trays

Cable trays have plenty of advantages if you are working in an area that has exposed wiring – whether that means electrical wires or, for example, computer networking cables.
The obvious benefit of cable trays is that they prevent trip hazards – the loose wiring is collected together and secured in a container that keeps it away from where people need to walk.
If you’re still concerned about employees working close to where cabling is installed, you can add walkovers to designate the safest route across a roof or other exposed area.
But it’s not just about safety – cable trays can improve performance, too, by reducing the problems caused by electrical fields.
When electrical wiring is bunched up or coiled, as is often the case where people have tried to hide the slack length of a cable, it creates magnetic fields.
These can, in turn, lead to unwanted electrical currents being generated in nearby wiring – producing interference in data signals on computer networks and television signals.
By bundling your wires together in cable trays, you can make sure electrical cables and data networks are kept separated, maximising signal quality in addition to the inherent safety benefits of hiding loose cabling away from view.