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Cable trays support eco-friendly commitments

Cable Trays

Cable trays and rooftop guard rails can help you with several different kinds of eco-conscious commitments as part of Recycle Week 2013.
The event runs from June 17th-23rd and is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2013 – ten years during which an estimated £2.4 billion worth of materials have been collected for recycling.
Of course, a commitment to the environment is not just about the materials you use, but can also be about energy efficiency.
This is where cable trays can play an important role, helping you to safely connect rooftop solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable power sources into your mains supply.
When such equipment needs maintenance, rooftop guard rails allow you to safely access the photovoltaic panels or wind turbine – and can themselves represent a place where recycled materials can be used.
In our Evorail guardrails, for instance, the counterbalance weights that lend extra structural stability to the rails use 20kg of recycled rubber.
This is a great example of how existing materials – even those that you might not think would be easy to reuse – can be recycled and incorporated into renewable energy installations.