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Edge protection for flat and sloping roofs


Edge protection is important on roofs of all types, if work is to be carried out on them that lasts more than a few minutes at a time.
However, the exact type of edge protection you need could depend on the roof itself – and particularly whether the roof is flat or sloped.
On a flat roof, HSE guidance calls for a double guard rail secured around the edge, along with a toeboard.
If the roof slopes, though, you’ll need edge protection on its eaves and such scaffolding as is required to make it difficult to fall from height.
Terraced buildings get their own HSE advice, which suggests guard rails along the front and rear of the building.
Safety ladders can make sure access to the roof does not pose any unnecessary risks, if it is likely that workers will have to head up there fairly often in the future.
Finally, walkovers can map out a safe route over fragile roofs, to prevent individuals from falling through any weak spots or hidden skylights and hatches.