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Edge protection is a must throughout construction


Edge protection should not be thought of as an end-of-project installation, but should be provided throughout construction work, according to the HSE.
Health and Safety Executive inspector Tony Mitchell warns that a failure to monitor and control building site work can be the underlying cause that leads to a lack of fall protection.
He adds that it is important to ensure the safety of employees throughout any construction work.
“”Installing roofs is a high-risk activity and builders should not become complacent about ensuring that fall protection, in whatever form, is provided throughout the work,”” Mr Mitchell says.
For some rooftop environments, it may be possible to put edge protection in place from the outset, with toe boards to prevent tools and other materials from rolling off of the roof.
However, in some situations, roof rails may not be the preferable option until a certain amount of the roof itself has been installed.
In these circumstances, alternatives such as man anchors can prevent individuals from falling from the edge, while safety ladders and walkovers can mark out a safe route across roofs that lack substantial support from underneath.