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Edge protection is not only for altitude


Edge protection provides an important level of protection at height, as roof rails prevent individuals from falling and hurting themselves.
However, it’s not only at high altitudes where edge protection can be an important addition to your walkways and platforms.
Even close to the ground, guard rails can ensure pedestrians do not enter dangerous areas, and can demarcate the edges of raised platforms that could represent a trip hazard – even if the difference in level is just a few millimetres.
Guard rails are designed to be aesthetically appealing whatever height they are installed at, so there’s likely to be a solution that meets your needs – and many are naturally the right height to act as a handrail, too.
As with those installed on rooftops, edge protection systems carry innate health and safety benefits, such as segregating pedestrian traffic from areas with vehicular access.
And just like the safety barriers we fit to rooftops, we can provide you with guard rails that incorporate toe boards, if they are to be used in a location where even a toe over the edge would represent an unacceptable safety risk.