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Guardrails enhance edge protection on Statue of Liberty staircases


One of the world’s most iconic structures has been given new edge protection, in the form of modernised guardrails fitted to the spiral staircases of the Statue of Liberty.
The stairs are the only way for most visitors to reach the crown of the structure, almost 400 steps above the ground; while there is an elevator, this is reserved for disabled visitors, maintenance workers and emergency evacuations.
In order to keep pedestrian traffic flowing through the in-demand site, one staircase leads up to the top, and a second twists around it in a double helix shape to carry visitors back down to the ground.
Both have been given new guardrails, part of an extensive refurbishment project that has brought the staircases’ edge protection up to date, made the ascent less steep, and also updated the previously obsolete elevator.
Hurricane Sandy delayed the reopening of the Statue of Liberty – and highlighted the importance of good edge protection and evacuation procedures, as 75% of Ellis Island was left underwater by the hurricane’s storm surge.
But it was back in the headlines this week after it was announced that trips to the statue will recommence on July 4th 2013, in time for the USA’s Independence Day festivities.