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Renewed commitment to offshore wind puts guardrails on eco-agenda


Following the news that the government has confirmed its long-term commitment to increasing the UK’s use of offshore wind energy, guardrails could become a core component in ensuring safety during any maintenance work.

Just as is the case with oil rigs, offshore wind farms demand particular care and attention when it comes to safety, as any fall could spell disaster if maintenance workers land in the sea rather than on dry land.

Guardrails are a key element in protecting against such disaster, by providing a strong physical barrier against falls from any otherwise exposed edges.

With turbines often deliberately placed in locations that are exposed to strong winds, the need for edge protection is perhaps even greater than in many other industrial installations.

Energy secretary Ed Davey recently confirmed that the UK will continue to invest in offshore wind, telling the Renewable UK conference: “A mix of technologies is vital to secure Britain’s energy supplies.”

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors added that 76% of the public now support the use of renewable power as a means of creating fuel and generating heat and electricity.