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Roof Guardrails keep green roofs safe and sustainable


Roof rails can help you to protect your employees while also helping the environment, if you decide to create a green roof anywhere on your premises. However roof edge protection still needs to be considered.
Evo Safety Solutions are a one stop shop supplying every type of roof safety equipment required to comply with the Working at Height directive whilst reducing the impact of following that compliance.
Green roofs help lower carbon output, and can tackle flooding by reducing the amount of run-off on to the ground below – and are supported by the Town and Country Planning Association as a means of adding to the good work done through investing in flood defences.
“”While the funding for improving flood defences is imperative, we must also recognise the importance of planning and local authority cooperation in tackling challenges which operate above the local level,”” says TCPA chief executive Kate Henderson.
TCPA guidance suggests that all new flat roofs should be made as green roofs, in order to reduce surface run-off.
However, this makes roof rails an important investment, as it is likely that access will be needed to the roof in order to maintain its environmentally friendly elements, whether they are organic or simply involve the use of more absorptive materials in its construction.
With the added weight of green roofs potentially putting the structure under additional stress, it may also be wise to invest in safety ladders and walkovers to highlight where any reinforcements make it safer for employees to tread during maintenance.