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Roof rails can protect building cleaners


In our articles about roof rails, we talk a lot about certain groups of individuals – from the construction workers who build a structure in the first place, to maintenance workers who need access to its heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, or to solar panels fitted to its roof.
However, one discipline we rarely mention is that of building exterior cleaners – not only window cleaners, but also the people who keep guttering free from blockages, clean brickwork, and so on.
A new report from global market analyst IBISWorld reveals that building exterior cleaners worldwide are part of an $8 billion (£5 billion) industry, which is now experiencing positive growth as the economic turbulence seen in many countries begins to settle down.
“”The industry has seen a turnaround [since the recession],”” IBISWorld reports. “”Rising business formation rates are expected to expand the industry’s client base and boost revenue over the next five years.””
However, it adds that injuries caused by dangerous scaffolding are among the main issues facing the industry – and this is where roof rails can help.
Safe and secure roof access could allow many exterior cleaning processes to be carried out without the need for scaffolding, and man anchors can add an extra level of protection if working close to the edge, for example on guttering.
By installing man anchors, guardrails and so on, building owners can both help the economic growth of the exterior cleaning industry, and protect the safety of those working in the sector.