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Roof rails can serve as safety barriers for rooftop terraces


With plenty of sunshine seen across the UK this week, many venues will be considering how to make the most of their outdoor space – and this is where roof rails can become important safety barriers.
If you are a cafe, restaurant or bar with roof access, you might want to consider creating a roof terrace – this can serve both as a beer garden and as a smoking area, or as the location for a business-boosting barbecue.
However, as with any major project, you’ll need to make sure you take any appropriate safety measures into account.
If the roof has never been used for such activities before, you might want to make sure it has the physical strength to withstand furniture and large numbers of customers being placed upon it.
Once you’ve investigated the safety of the roof itself, it’s time to make sure you protect your customers, and any passers-by if the roof overlooks a public thoroughfare.
By fitting roof rails, you are putting in place safety barriers that can prevent anyone from stumbling over the edge of the roof, particularly if your venue serves alcohol.
Guardrails also act as safety barriers by preventing objects from rolling off of the roof – meaning passers-by below can be sure that no bottles or glasses will be headed their way from above.