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Top Fix Evorail system ensures edge protection for solar panel maintenance workers


We recently fitted our Top Fix Evorail system to a property in order to provide essential edge protection during and after work to fit solar panels to the roof.
Any work carried out at height is a safety risk – and the Health & Safety Executive has an ongoing focus on working at height – so it is wise to take precautions to prevent people and equipment from falling off of any roof that is being worked on.
In this instance, Top Fix Evorail edge protection was fitted, along with toe boards – metal sections that run along the bottom of the guardrail – to catch any workers’ tools that may otherwise have slid down the pitched roof and over the edge.
The roof rails were initially installed to provide protection during the fitting of the solar panels, but they will remain in place for the future.
As solar panels sometimes need essential maintenance work to be carried out, permanent edge protection helps to protect any future maintenance workers who need access to the roof.
Our range of safety ladders and walkovers can combine with edge protection to provide a safe route to the area where the work is to be carried out – even on pitched roofs like the one in this example.