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Walkovers and guardrails are ‘simple but vital’



Safety measures such as installing walkovers to provide safe passage over weak roofs, or guardrails to prevent access to them entirely, have been deemed simple but vital by an HSE spokesperson.

HSE inspector Paul Hoskins made the assertion following the conclusion of an investigation into how a young Dagenham man came to fall four metres through a roof at a Hoddesdon business park.

The 23-year-old had been sent on to a fragile roof on May 3rd 2011, with only scaffold boards to help spread his weight.

It gave way beneath him, leaving the unnamed individual with a four-metre fall, from which he sustained injuries including a fractured skull and eye socket.

Mr Hoskins said: “It is vital for those responsible for planning work to ensure they follow the correct precautions when anyone is working at height.”

“Simple measures such as using barriers to prevent access to fragile areas or safely installing adequate coverings over the fragile roof sheets would have meant workers were protected,” he added.

Guardrails and walkovers are both ways to achieve this, particularly on roofs where permanent protection is required, or where safe access needs to be available on a regular basis.