Ladders and Walkovers

We at AKM have spent over 25 years manufacturing bespoke steel fabrications. We produce Ladders and Walkovers which completely integrate with all our roof safety and access products.

We are unique in this industry in that we can provide a total “single supplier” solution for all roof safety installations.

Our staff can visit your premises to carry out a complete measurement and survey service which removes the hassle of separately sourcing all the products needed for your Health and Safety requirements.


Industrial Safety Roof Ladders

We supply many types of metal ladders to any customer specification. The most common is probably our “Hooped Ladder” as this enables personnel to ascend to rooftop height in total safety. We can easily add platforms within a ladder system at intervals to conform with Working at Height regulations.


Industrial Roof Walkovers

Again, our Walkovers or platforms are a bespoke product. Whether the need is to provide access between adjacent roofs or to bridge pipe work or walls, we can design a walkover to solve the problem. We can manufacture walkovers to link into our ladder products and of course all our Evorail guardrail and Evowalk walkway systems.