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Rubbish chutes can enable quick sorting of recyclable materials

Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish chutes are an important addition to building sites, allowing waste to be carried quickly and safely to the ground.
However, if you are keen to improve the environmental profile of your firm, rubbish chutes can help you to do so.
Chutes are available in a broad range of different colours, with top hoppers and side hoppers allowing access to them at all levels on your site.
This can enable you to put in place a comprehensive waste-sorting system, with separate chutes for rubble and recyclable waste such as wood or glass, all of which can be sent to ground-level from any height.
In turn, this not only has the potential to improve your environmental profile; it can also relieve the administrative (and physical) burden of sorting through waste later in order to retrieve the recyclable materials.
Of course, having designated rubbish chutes on-site has safety advantages too, especially when compared with the practice of simply dropping waste off the side of a scaffolding rig or roof edge.
Combined with safety ladders, edge protection and walkovers, this makes them a good addition to an all-round approach to site safety.