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Rubbish chutes can provide access at multiple levels

Rubbish Chutes

We’ve all seen rubbish chutes hanging from the sides of construction projects, carrying rubble and debris down to ground level in a safe and controlled manner.
However, many people might not realise that rubbish chutes can be accessed not only from the top, but also at intervals along their length.
To allow this, all you need to do is include a side hopper where you want an opening into the chute – these are designed so that any falling rubble is contained within the chute itself, but let workers on floors below the top level get rid of their rubbish too.
Up top, a top hopper is the last component in a well designed rubbish chute – unlike a standard component, the top hopper has a flared opening which is designed to capture the rubble that is placed into it.
This reduces the risk of spillage from the sides of the chute’s top opening, keeping your workspace clearer and making sure all of the waste reaches your skip or refuse area at ground level.
By using these different components correctly in combination, you’re provided with a safe and sturdy means of transporting broken bricks and similar substances to the ground, meaning there should be no need for workmen to carry them down in lifts or on ladders.