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Stay safe with building site rubbish chute accessories

Rubbish Chutes

Building site rubbish chute accessories can help to make your construction waste chute even more convenient to use, and can also help to ensure site safety.

A construction waste chute alone is already a step towards a safer building site, providing a visible and contained way for unwanted materials to be dropped into a skip at ground level.

There are certain examples of good practice you can use to make sure your rubbish chute works at its best – such as moving the lower end to an empty part of the skip from time to time, and avoiding putting long, thin objects into the chute that could turn and get stuck on their way down.

But building site rubbish chute accessories help to reinforce this even further by providing you with equipment specifically designed to overcome certain obstacles.

For instance, make sure you have a suitable support frame to hold the top hopper at roof level, and a winch system – complete with spreader bar, which helps to balance the load on the winch, and must not be left out from your setup.

If you use side hopper rubbish chutes, and want a stronger point of entry for waste at the intermediate levels, we can supply bespoke reinforced rubbish chute Y-sections to take materials into the main chute more safely.

These are not the only reinforced rubbish chute sections we can supply – if you need a building site rubbish chute reinforced along all or part of its main length, get in touch to find out how we can help.

Remember to make sure you have a way to ‘steer’ the bottom of your chute, such as a rope to move it around the skip as it fills, as this will allow you to keep it free from debris.

And finally, place a tarpaulin or similar around the bottom of the chute to keep any clouds of dust to a minimum, and make sure nobody gets too close to it when waste materials are on their way down.