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Superior rubble chutes can take a ton

Rubbish Chutes

Construction site rubble chutes have a lot to deal with – more than domestic rubbish chutes typically have to handle, for sure.

Whereas residential rubbish disposal chutes might not normally take more than the contents of a kitchen bin, construction site rubble chutes may have to safely transport broken masonry, chunks of concrete and other heavy items.

It’s important that high-level building waste chutes carry this kind of waste safely to ground level, without it escaping at an intermediate level, and without the risk of breaking or bringing down the rubble chute itself.

For this reason, high-level building waste chutes need to be highly resistant to cracking and abrasion, which is why all of our construction chutes are made of high-density polyethylene, physically strong against rough or sharp objects passing down the chute, and environmentally strong against cracking in extreme heat.

Despite this strength, each section is actually half the weight of some construction chutes made of inferior materials – so each interlocking chute section adds just 8kg to the total, rather than up to 15kg as is sometimes the case.

Sections have permanent chain fixings rated to support up to 1,000kg of chute sections and waste combined, with sturdy steel brackets to hold them in place.

A slight taper gives each chute section a conical shape, from 500mm down to 400mm; this allows them to interlock into a single high-level chute with a familiar snake-like structure, as well as keeping waste materials safely inside the chute at section joints.

Side hoppers for intermediate levels mean materials can be added at any elevation along the rubble chute’s length, without running the risk of waste from above escaping out of the entry hole.

And with easy erection either by hand or by winch, you can have your rubbish disposal chute up and ready to use within a matter of minutes, with confidence that it is safely and securely constructed.