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Aluminium ladders can help make window cleaning safe

Safety Ladders

Aluminium ladders could help ensure safety in a profession we don’t often mention in our news articles – window cleaning.
While many of our reports focus on construction, renovation and maintenance, updated HSE guidance for window cleaners highlights the importance of man anchors and safety ladders for those in the job.
For instance, aluminium ladders may be particularly suited to short-duration, low-risk cleaning tasks – and safety ladders could enable this kind of access in certain situations.
At high altitudes, there are several options, but man anchors can add an important level of protection in many of these cases.
The HSE guidance asks: “”Can you use personal fall protection to allow safe access?
“”Can rope access be used to do the job safely – e.g. are the access points in good condition?””
The complete guidance looks at everything from top-down cleaning of large glass-fronted buildings, to ground-up cleaning of low-level windows.
It’s also a useful reminder that, while there are certain professions with which edge protection and safety ladders will always be associated, such products are important throughout the full range of jobs carried out at height.