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Aluminium ladders and walkways can help make work safer

Aluminium walkways

Safety Ladders

If you need to work at height, the correct aluminium ladders and aluminium walkways can create a platform that does not leave you at risk of overbalancing or falling.

Aluminium walkways have lots of applications, from acting as walkovers on fragile roofs, to creating a level surface on pitched and other uneven roofs.

Meanwhile, aluminium ladders give you a good choice of safety ladders, so that you can climb to the required altitude without the risk of falling and sustaining a major injury.

In one incident in August 2014, a 55-year-old man was removing electrical cabling at the top of a ladder, which required him to use both hands to try and saw through a pipe.

He overbalanced and fell, landing 3.6 metres down on the floor, and sustained eight broken ribs, a broken finger, and lacerations to his shin, knee, elbow and head.

HSE inspector John Glynn said: “The company failed to effectively organise and plan the work, gave them an inadequate ladder to use rather than a more suitable aluminium tower, and failed to appropriately supervise and monitor what was going on.”