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Safety ladders can reach previously inaccessible roofs

Safety Ladders

Safety ladders are an ideal way of providing access to roofs that might be difficult to reach using conventional ladders.
Many buildings do not have a single, flat roof, instead rising to several different levels due to lift shafts, air outflows and other essential components in their construction.
Where access to the highest points on these roofs is required, safety ladders represent an important way to provide permanent access without putting employees or workmen at risk.
Without fixed safety ladders, you face the decision of whether to allow individuals to climb to the highest parts of your building using portable ladders – which, in turn, add specific health and safety demands if they are to be used properly.
The added manpower of having somebody there to hold the ladder in place, and any extra man anchors you may need to protect the climber, raise both the cost and the complexity of the process.
By contrast, safety ladders show a clear route to the highest point of any roof, preventing individuals from taking a more dangerous path.
Thanks to their surrounding cages, they can also stop workers from falling backwards, eliminating a further possible hazard to the safety of your staff.