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Safety ladders can reduce risk of unwanted entry

Safety Ladders

Safety ladders can not only provide a safe means of climbing a structure where access is required; they can also reduce the risk of unwanted entry elsewhere on the site.
With safety ladders that are fixed into place and surrounded by a supporting cage, it is possible to ensure that only the intended route to a rooftop can be used.
This compares with portable ladders that are not fixed in position, and may therefore be moved to give access to windows or roofs that should not be reached under normal circumstances.
As the clocks go back on Sunday, October 28th, the evenings will be getting darker – and Wiltshire Police are among the law enforcement organisations to issue warnings relating to the event.
“”Lock tools and ladders away so that a burglar cannot use them to break in,”” the police force suggests.
But aluminium ladders that are fixed in place are an alternative to secure storage for business premises, and ensure that the ladder is in the right position when it is next needed by legitimate maintenance workers and other employees.