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Safety ladders contribute towards two fifths of access equipment market

Safety Ladders

Safety ladders are one part of a category that constitutes 40% of the UK access equipment market, according to a report from AMA Research.

The publication, entitled Access Equipment Market Report – UK 2014-2018 Analysis, was published recently, and AMA Research summarised its key findings in a blog post.

Among them is the fact that 40% of the UK access equipment market comprises access towers, scaffolding and ladders.

Meanwhile, 55% of the market consists of powered access products – but ownership is higher in non-powered equipment like safety ladders.

Across the board, around half of industry sales are via the hire market, AMA Research reports, but this figure is skewed towards the powered access equipment market.

This suggests that non-powered equipment like aluminium ladders is more popular in installations where long-term ownership is required – perhaps to link to roof safety systems like walkovers and demarcation systems, for complete protection of people who need to access the roof.

Sales in general are increasing, too, with more than 10% growth in the UK access equipment market over the past two years.

Aluminium ladders are one of four types included in the non-powered part of the report, along with wooden and steel ladders, and glass-reinforced plastic or GRP.

“The market has experienced a good recovery in 2013-14 and current forecasts anticipate further growth in the medium term, underpinned by improving levels of construction activity and fleet renewal,” the report states.

As with any roof access system, it is important not only to reach the roof safely, but to protect individuals while they are carrying out work in an elevated position.

Safety ladders and demarcation systems are key elements in doing this, by clearly indicating where the roof should be accessed and the safe route across it, while walkovers can level out uneven roofs or add steps to sloping surfaces.