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Installing walkovers to pitched roofs


A pitched roof might seem like it would present an obstacle to the installation of walkovers, but in actual fact, they are not only relatively easy to install; they can also introduce an important element of safety to an uneven roof surface.
Working – and walking – on a pitched roof is inherently risky as, even if you use a man anchor, there is still the possibility that you might slip and slide down the sloping surface.
By equipping the rooftop with a walkover, you can create a flat walkway that allows you to reach any rooftop equipment for maintenance work, without having to step on a sloping surface at all.
Walkovers can also come with steps, helping you to scale the slope of the roof again only by stepping on flat and even surfaces.
To prevent unwanted access to the uneven parts of the roof, many walkovers come equipped with guardrails, defining a clear path across the rooftop, and specifically forbidding any other route to be used.
Combined with man anchors, this can make for a comprehensive approach to individual safety on pitched roofs – a must for any building where regular rooftop access is required.