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Walkovers can protect green roofs against footfall


Walkovers or Step Overs often gain attention for their ability to protect individuals, but they are just as important for protecting your roof – particularly if it is sensitive to human footfall.
In the case of green roofs, it may be preferable to make sure that maintenance workers do not trample any shrubs or grasses that are grown to enhance the eco-friendliness of the surface.
Walkovers help to make sure the roof is not negatively affected by human access, by providing a clear route on which to tread.
Eco-roofs are just one of a number of suggestions currently being put forward in London as the south-east faces a water shortage.
The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, for instance, has suggested green roofs be used alongside water-permeable pavements.
In this way, run-off rainfall could soak through the capital’s pavements and be kept for future times of shortage – and similarly, less would be lost by running off of hard tile roofs.
“”Sustainable urban drainage solutions (SUDS) would ensure that we all have more water to use, whether it rains heavily or not, as far less water would be wasted,”” explains Councillor Nick Botterill.