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Walkovers can safeguard workers against skylight falls


Walkovers can help to prevent falls from height – not necessarily from the edges of roofs, but through skylights and weaker parts of the roof surface itself.
By fitting walkovers, you can specify a safe route across the roof, leading around skylights rather than over them.
Health and Safety Executive inspector Russell Beckett says: “”Falls from height are the biggest cause of injury in construction, and those working within the industry should be aware of the dangers and what measures need to consistently be taken in order to protect workers.””
He adds that this means protecting skylights with “”something more substantial than plastic sheeting””, in light of an incident in Berkshire where a skylight covered as such gave way beneath a workman’s weight.
This led to the individual breaking his wrist and pelvis, leaving him with long-term painful injuries which could have been avoided through a closer focus on safety preparations.
With the HSE’s continued focus on falls from height as a major cause for concern, walkovers, guardrails and all kinds of edge protection can help companies and employers to demonstrate that they are taking the necessary actions to keep their workers safe.