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Walkovers provide a bridge over troubled water pipes


Walkovers have plenty of uses, from covering the gap between two adjacent roofs, to simply marking out where it is safe to stand.
But placing walkovers over pipework can help to avoid one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace – trips.
No matter how many times you warn employees of trip hazards, it only takes one new worker or a visit from a colleague on a different site to lead to an accident, injury and potentially a sizeable compensation claim.
Fit walkovers, though, and you are in line with HSE guidance on changes in level and uneven surfaces, and tackling the problem head-on, rather than on a person-by-person basis.
Walkovers can be made to fit the place where you plan to put them, and can easily link into any other ladders and guardrail systems you have in place.
And even if you only fit a fairly small ramp over a single section of pipes, you’ve invested in a visible example of your efforts to combat health and safety risks.
So if you’ve already got your health and safety covered elsewhere, take a fresh look at walkovers – and don’t let an avoidable trip be your downfall.