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Edge protection ensures safety in summer storms

Edge protection

Edge protection might seem like something you’d be more likely to need in winter, when the prevailing weather conditions are more likely to include strong winds and poor visibility.

But in fact, heavy weather during the summer months can catch many people off guard, making it even more important to have the correct safety precautions in place.

Edge protection is a worthy investment as, by putting a permanent year-round safety precaution in place, it caters both for the expected poor weather of winter, and for changeable summer conditions.

In addition, man anchors help to tether workers to the roof itself, during periods of strong winds or when the roof surface is slippery due to rain or ice.

Even if you are currently experiencing clear skies, sunshine and nothing more than a gentle breeze, that does not mean that conditions will not change.

Late July delivered the ideal example of this, with widespread, energetic thunderstorms occurring between periods of settled, warm and sunny weather.

While man anchors are a good ad hoc option to help keep workers safely on the roof, guardrails at the roof edge provide permanent protection – and together, the two can work as a multi-tiered safety solution.