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Edge protection – how low can you go?

Edge protection

For example, it’s fairly obvious that a property inland is likely to be much higher above sea level than one near the coast.

But it might not always occur to contractors to install edge protection around excavations, such as when digging out a new basement.

When you dig down one storey, it’s effectively the same fall risk – and injury risk – as building up one storey, and edge protection is just as important.

This was highlighted in one recent HSE case, relating to an incident in January 2014 when work was halted on a new basement due to a lack of fall protection.

HSE inspector Pete Collingwood said: “Measures in place to protect against falls from height were found to be inadequate on two separate visits to the site.

“Every employer should ensure that workers have the basic right to work in a safe environment.”

So if your work involves excavations, make sure to install guardrails, and avoid leaving your workers’ safety in limbo.