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Why low-risk workplaces need edge protection

Edge protection

Edge protection is a common sight on industrial premises – although there are still many more industrial structures that could benefit from having it installed.

But it is also important on what might seem like low-risk workplaces and public buildings, such as offices and shops, particularly if regular roof access is required for any reason.

With this in mind, Usdaw and the TUC have warned against cutting back too far on inspections of health and safety in workplaces.

Although the government are keen to remove unnecessary red tape from businesses, Usdaw general secretary John Hannett called for health and safety to remain a priority.

“It simply isn’t true that it’s only people who work in ‘dangerous’ industries who are at risk,” he warned.

Even in premises that do not receive regular safety inspections, any incident would still be investigated – and if edge protection is not fitted but is later deemed to have been necessary, owners could still face fines.

As such, it remains a case of ‘prevention is better than cure’, and site operators should continue to carry out appropriate safety assessments and install the suitable protective measures as recommended.