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UK storms highlight importance of man anchors and guardrails once again


Mobile Man Anchors

The heavy weather that has struck across the UK in recent days is an extreme example of why guardrails and man anchors are important for anyone working at altitude or in exposed areas.

While it is likely that much maintenance work was rescheduled in the worst-hit areas, where wind speeds were recorded gusting at over 90mph, some workers will not have had that option available to them.

Among them are the emergency services, who must routinely go into areas deemed too dangerous for members of the public.

In order to protect the public, emergency services workers head into these at-risk areas, putting themselves in peril to create a cordon or exclusion zone.

Man anchors are one way to easily secure individuals, particularly in places where permanent guardrails are not in place.

But using the two together adds a level of redundancy that can further reduce the risk of an incident, helping to make elevated roofs and platforms safer for access in any weather conditions.

The UK storm has now swept towards continental Europe, leaving a trail of destruction and localised flooding to be cleaned up in its wake.

And as the cleanup begins, anyone involved should take extra precautions to stay safe on weakened structures or around storm-damaged walls, fences and trees that could still collapse.