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Gale-force forecast makes man anchors essential

Mobile Man Anchors

Man anchors are likely to be an essential investment for many people working at height in the weeks to come, as the typical British weather shows no signs of catching up with the fact that it’s spring.
Nationwide forecasts from the Met Office predict that the end of May will be “”windy for many, with a risk of gales across exposed areas””.
For those working at height, any strong winds are a cause for concern, as rooftops are typically among the most exposed parts of any built-up area.
We would always advise installing edge protection on rooftops where regular access is likely to be needed.
However, man anchors can provide that extra layer of safety, by tethering workers to the roof, or to any other elevated surface on which they need to work during windy conditions.
Of course, rooftop tethers are also a solution to the problem of safeguarding employees during the installation of permanent edge protection.
By combining multiple layers of safeguards in this way, you can keep your staff safe, even if their work requires them to be close to the edge of an elevated platform or roof.