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Glastonbury weather highlights need for man anchors and roof rails

Mobile Man Anchors

A look back at previous Glastonbury music festivals gives an indication of why roof rails and man anchors are an important investment for any UK business, whether you’re scaling the heights of the Pyramid Stage to erect speakers and lighting, or just need safe access to the roof of your office block.
The Met Office has published an infographic outlining some of the extremes of weather in the past – including in 1999, when as Travis sang the opening line to “”Why does it always rain on me?””, the heavens opened.
In the history of the festival, just eight years have seen zero rainfall recorded at weather stations on the site, and only two of those – 2000 and 2010 – have occurred since the turn of the millennium.
Between those two festivals, 2005 saw stark contrast, as flash floods left parts of the Glastonbury site 4ft underwater, and lightning struck several of the stages directly.
Perhaps most likely to occur within the next few years is an extremely windy festival, as the strongest winds recorded at the site date back to 1985, when they peaked at gusts of 36mph.
The festival is long overdue a windy year to break that record – and businesses nationwide could do well to take note of that fact, and add roof rails and man anchors to their own exposed and elevated work areas.