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Man anchors offer safety reassurance in high winds

Mobile Man Anchors

Man anchors can help individuals working at height to stay safe during the winter months, when it may not be preferable to install guardrails.
According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, many buildings in Scotland are designed to cope with strong winds, but the same may not be true in the north of England.
However, both regions of the UK are expected to see “”extreme weather”” as the winter months progress.
“”Businesses that have failed to prepare will find it difficult to keep their operations running smoothly throughout the disruption,”” says PwC business continuity expert James Crask.
Where roofs are not stable enough to affix guardrails, or there is a concern about exposure to high winds, man anchors are an excellent alternative.
They allow workers to be literally tethered to the roof itself, preventing them from falling from the edge and protecting them against any sudden gusts of wind.
Mobile man anchors can easily be broken down into their component parts, transported to a new site, and quickly assembled to provide immediate safety for employees engaged on new projects.