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Make safety barriers your New Year’s Resolution

safety barriers

Plenty of people joke about how their New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside by January 2nd, but a commitment to using safety barriers is one worth making – and worth sticking to, not just throughout 2015, but as a lifelong priority.

Falls from height remain one of the main causes of workplace injuries and fatalities, but unlike some other incidents, falls can often be prevented entirely by simply using the correct safety equipment.

In elevated positions where access is regularly needed, safety barriers provide an important element of edge protection.

They help to reduce the potential for a person to fall from the edge of the roof or platform, and can also catch runaway objects to prevent them falling over the edge and landing on anyone below.

Safety ladders can protect people during the climb to the roof too, making it less likely that anyone will fall while still partway up.

Taken together, these measures – safety ladders and roof guardrails – can have a huge impact on the injury and fatality statistics over the course of a year, making edge protection a valuable New Year’s Resolution for 2015, and one worth keeping at the forefront of your mind all year around.