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safety barriers

Steamed face incident demonstrates need for guard rails

An incident in which a man working at height became severely disorientated after taking a jet of steam to the face has been used as an example of why guard rails are so important. The HSE report on the incident explains that the man was wearing standard safety equipment – a hard hat and safety […]

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Make safety barriers your New Year’s Resolution

Plenty of people joke about how their New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside by January 2nd, but a commitment to using safety barriers is one worth making – and worth sticking to, not just throughout 2015, but as a lifelong priority. Falls from height remain one of the main causes of workplace injuries and […]

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How safety barriers can prevent a fall from grace

Safety barriers on elevated working positions are an important way to prevent people and objects falling from the edge and either sustaining an injury directly, or potentially inflicting one on people passing below. In either instance, the damage done to workers and passers-by can be severe, and the punishments are understandably severe too. Earlier this […]

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Man anchors and safety barriers for green roof edge protection

A new code of conduct sets out when man anchors and safety barriers may be needed for green roof edge protection. The Green Roof Organisation Green Roof Code, or GRO Code 2014, looks at a range of safety and access issues with respect to different types of green roofs. For instance, it notes that on […]

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Safety barriers are top priority as falls kill more than any other incident

Safety barriers could be the single best safety precaution to install in a workplace, in light of newly published figures by the HSE. The statistics show that in 2013-14, 28.2 million workdays were lost through injury or ill health, costing the economy an estimated £14.2 billion, and costing some people their lives. Over the course […]

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Essex Police dog death highlights value of safety barriers

The death of Essex Police dog Baron during a training exercise on Monday, November 25th, highlights the importance of safety barriers on flat roofs, to eliminate the risks of any individuals – whether they are human or canine – falling from the roof edge. Essex Police report that Baron, a five-year-old German Shepherd, was on […]

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