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Man anchors and safety barriers for green roof edge protection

Man anchor

safety barriers

A new code of conduct sets out when man anchors and safety barriers may be needed for green roof edge protection.

The Green Roof Organisation Green Roof Code, or GRO Code 2014, looks at a range of safety and access issues with respect to different types of green roofs.

For instance, it notes that on an ‘extensive’ green roof, a single anchor point for man anchors may be sufficient to ensure access can be made safely.

However, on intensive and semi-intensive roofs, this may not be enough, and the GRO Code calls for additional safety barriers to provide extra edge protection.

“Intensive and semi-intensive roofs require a higher standard of safety due to the increased frequency and density of visitors, whether to conduct maintenance or to derive an amenity benefit from the use of the roof space,” the document explains.

As such, roof rails and safety barriers should be specified in the initial designs if this type of green roof is to be installed.

Commenting on the publication of the GRO Code 2014, NFRC chief executive Ray Horwood CBE said: “Green roofs perform a vital role in helping cities adapt to the effects of climate change.

“However, green roofs can only provide these environmental benefits if designed and installed in a way that ensures that minimum performance criteria are met.”