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Edge protection

Edge protection could cut major incidents for specialist contractors

Edge protection could have a significant role to play in reducing the prevalence of major and long-term accidents, injuries and other incidents for specialist contractors. The National Specialist Contractors Council has published its latest Accident Survey Report, collating statistics about the number and severity of incidents that occurred in 2012-13. It reveals that slips and […]

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Reduced red tape could free up edge protection options

If you have found red tape in your particular industry niche has limited your options in the past where edge protection is concerned, the year ahead could see those options opened up in a whole new way. The government’s Red Tape Challenge has, in recent years, allowed businesses to complain directly to the government about […]

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Safety ladders and edge protection can prevent renegade workers

A Surrey textiles recycler has faced prosecution despite believing no unsafe work was being undertaken at height on his premises – something safety ladders and edge protection could have helped to ensure was truly the case. On August 30th 2012, a Health and Safety Executive safety inspector was passing the premises in Horton Close, West […]

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Scaffolding apprenticeships are a chance for generational uptake of edge protection

Edge protection is an important element in scaffolding structures, with guardrails to prevent individuals from falling off of platforms, and safety ladders making it easier to reach upper levels safely too. The coming two years could prove to be a once in a generation opportunity to drive home the importance of edge protecting in the […]

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Edge protection helps make the Christmas season safer

Edge protection can make an important contribution to safety if you are installing Christmas lights and other decorations around the edge of your workplace roof this winter. In many cases, a ladder is sufficient to reach high enough to install lights – particularly in domestic settings. But with the Ladder Exchange Initiative 2013 already underway, […]

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Edge protection and demarcation systems can drive workplace injuries lower

The declining rate of workplace injuries can be driven lower by continued attention to details like edge protection and demarcation systems, helping employees to step with a greater degree of surefootedness in potentially hazardous environments. October 21st-25th was the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, organised by the European Agency for Safety and […]

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Edge protection will face rising demand in construction upswing

Now could be the time to invest in edge protection for future construction projects, as it appears the industry is exiting the recent downturn – which in turn is likely to see demand spike in the months to come. Many projects have been put on hold during the recession and surrounding economic turbulence, from private […]

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Win your way to a roofing award with edge protection and safety ladders

Edge protection and safety ladders can save lives – but they could also help your company to win recognition in the Roofing Awards 2014. The National Federation of Roofing Contractors has officially begun accepting entries for the upcoming round of the awards, with an application form available for download. Accompanying the form is an outline […]

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Edge protection ensures safety in summer storms

Edge protection might seem like something you’d be more likely to need in winter, when the prevailing weather conditions are more likely to include strong winds and poor visibility. But in fact, heavy weather during the summer months can catch many people off guard, making it even more important to have the correct safety precautions […]

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