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Man anchors offer essential extra protection against falls when working in areas where guardrails are unsuitable, for example because the work takes place around a temporary opening. A number of recent HSE reports have touched on such circumstances, including one incident that led to a fatality and numerous severe injuries. Among them was an incident […]

In previous articles we have looked at the importance of safe roof access in the autumn and winter months, with safety ladders to prevent injury in the event that your foot slips on a rung in wet conditions. Roof edge protection enhances this by preventing falls from the sides of a building, but while on […]

A recent HSE prosecution has highlighted the importance of temporary edge protection – and where guardrails are removed, the need for backup alternatives like man anchors. In the incident in question, a scaffolder was stacking roofing sheets on a flat roof when he fell from the edge, landing seven metres below and sustaining fatal injuries. […]

Construction site rubble chutes have a lot to deal with – more than domestic rubbish chutes typically have to handle, for sure. Whereas residential rubbish disposal chutes might not normally take more than the contents of a kitchen bin, construction site rubble chutes may have to safely transport broken masonry, chunks of concrete and other […]

Building site rubbish chute accessories can help to make your construction waste chute even more convenient to use, and can also help to ensure site safety. A construction waste chute alone is already a step towards a safer building site, providing a visible and contained way for unwanted materials to be dropped into a skip […]

Newly published figures from the Health & Safety Executive show that workplace fatalities have crept higher in recent months, highlighting the importance of precautions such as edge protection to prevent falls from height. Falls from height are still one of the main priorities for the HSE, alongside issues like exposure to asbestos, and are not […]