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Walkovers are an important way to protect maintenance workers who need access to elevated positions – particularly where there are known weak parts of the roof, or trip hazards on its surface – but could also help to tackle one of the major causes of serious injuries and fatalities in the construction sector. Every year, […]

With the new year underway, it’s a good time to take stock of what progress has been made in terms of the safety of working at height, and the ongoing need for edge protection to avoid future incidents, or to reduce the severity of any slips or trips while working in an elevated position. Statistics […]

New Year’s resolutions can be professional as well as personal, and one of the best commitments you can make to yourself and your employees is to put in place safer work at height precautions in 2017. Edge protection comes in many forms, from permanent guardrails to temporary roof rails and man anchors that tether individuals […]

Having edge protection in place from day one does not have to be a challenge; with simple precautions like man anchors and temporary guard rails, it’s easy to adopt safer working at height practices while you set up your new premises. Likewise, edge protection – whether temporary or permanent – is an essential factor in […]

An incident recently reported by the HSE shows the importance of using proper walkovers when accessing fragile roofs, after two individuals were caught up in a severe fall when using homemade crawling boards instead. The event itself took place on July 30th 2014, and the investigation has just concluded, with the engineering firm that employed […]

A lack of edge protection and precautions against falling through a fragile roof led to a tragic incident in which one man lost his life and two face criminal convictions for their negligence in planning the work. Following a HSE investigation into the fragile roof fall on June 11th 2013, a roofer and the director […]